Marshall Family

My family has lived in many places and had many adventures in the twenty-six years that my husband, Brian, has been in the Coast Guard. Six years ago, we were given the opportunity to move back to Gloucester which has turned out to be the best adventure of our lives. I grew up in Gloucester and was thrilled that my three boys would have more time to spend with my family. However, being a mom of three boys, I was concerned about where they would attend school.

My oldest son, Logan, had been shuffled through five school systems by the time he was in the sixth grade due to military moves. It was essential that we provide our sons with an exemplary school that provided the consistency that they all needed.

Calling Ware Academy for the first time and making that connection was one of the best decisions I have made as a mother. I graciously still pat myself on the back for taking this initial step. I set up a tour and went through the admission department to get to know a little bit more about Ware and what it had to offer. I was thrilled about the class size, the safety and how the program allows for differentiation to ensure that my children’s social, emotional and educational needs would be met. We were excited about all of these attributes, but we also knew this would be a financial strain on our family. We were then introduced to Variable Tuition, a program at Ware that takes into account one’s financial situation and provides an award accordingly to help make the tuition more affordable for your family.

As a busy Military family with three involved children, our family has made sacrifices in order to invest in our children’s future. My oldest son, Logan, now a junior enrolled at Blue Ridge School located outside of Charlottesville, Virginia is thriving as a direct result of the core values and study habits instilled in him at Ware. My youngest son, Brody, started in Pre-K3 and is now a 3rd grader and my middle son, Karson started in Kindergarten and is now in fifth grade. Both are learning all of the fundamental skills and essential attributes needed to be successful in the twenty-first century.

Ware has some of the most amazing and devoted teachers and staff that my husband and I have ever met. This wonderful mixing bowl of people, love my children and want them to be successful. They have identified each of my children’s educational needs and have differentiated instruction accordingly. We consider Ware to be our second family which we support without reservation. We are grateful for all that Ware has already provided for our children. I encourage everyone to take a closer look at this fabulous school. I guarantee it will be one of the best investments you can make for your child’s future.
~Marshall Family

The dyes
Our Ware Story~

No question, a wonderful place for any child to learn.
Isaac’s experience at Ware by far reached all of our expectations and then some. Ware is not just a school ! It’s not just the daily everyday same ole. The walls are filled with parents and teachers who go above and beyond to see each child thrive.
Everyday is a new bright day of learning through the eyes of children who learn at all different paces. The teachers are doing what they love and it shows through the nurturing of our children. These kids have the hands on learning at their finger tips literally.
It’s not about how they test or how teachers are tested. It’s about them learning, absorbing it and having a fantastic time doing it.
We are forever grateful for his first year in the wonderful Ware family.
We were extremely happy with Isaac’s experience in
PreK 3 and can’t wait for PreK 4 and all the growth and the excitement the year holds.
~The Dyes~

Why did you choose Ware Academy for your children?

“We chose Ware Academy because of the small class size. Ware maintains an ideal student/teacher ratio in a structured environment where a familiar atmosphere enhances all aspects of the education experience. Smaller class sizes allow the teachers to have a better sense of who each child is and what his or her specific strengths or weaknesses are. At Ware, my child will not get lost in the shuffle. They get the personal attention he/she needs and craves.” – Emilie Rowe

“I chose Ware Academy for my child so that he could develop into a well spoken, well rounded person who is confident in who he is.” – current parent

“We wanted our children’s first school experience to be one that was more than just social but to start the path and expectation of learning early and incorporating a sense of discovery. Even at the earliest, (PreK 3), our children enjoyed social and educational development that led to early reading, writing and math skills.” -current parent

In what ways have you seen your children grow as a result of their experience at Ware?

“Both of my children have thrived under the direction of teachers at Ware Academy.  My children have gained confidence, responsibility, independence, logic and they are courteous and respectful.  Getting involved in the community at an early age has instilled a genuine desire for my kids to give back to the community and be involved in making their world a better place.  Students at Ware are also exposed to the Fine and Performing Arts, which has given my children unique opportunities to explore their talents and express themselves.” – Emilie Rowe

What do you love about Ware Academy?

“We love Ware Academy.  The teachers are fantastic and close communication is ALWAYS maintained.  Teachers foster independence, creativity and genuine pride in learning in all of their students.  They are loving, nurturing and dedicated to guiding each child in discovering and maximizing their strengths while encouraging them to tackle new tasks/learning experiences that may intimidate them.  The way the teachers at Ware Academy help children develop individuality while at the same time emphasizing self-discipline and respect towards others, has truly been a heartening experience.

At Ware Academy, your family becomes part of a network of families with the same goals.  Parents are very involved in the lives of the students and various school events.  Such relationships allow parents to learn from each other and support each other and you gain an extended “family.”  Just one more reason we love Ware.” – Emilie Rowe

“Our family loved that Ware Academy became an extension of our family. It really does take a village to raise a child and that sense of community and truly caring about children ( all aspects of their development) was a the forefront through our Ware Academy experience. There was a comforting and nurturing environment that allowed our children to develop without a carbon copy approach for all but one that reflected their individuality and pace of progress.” – former parent of two graduates

The Ware Academy tagline is “There is no substitute for a great beginning.” How does your child experience this at Ware?

“My children have blossomed at Ware Academy.  They get the help they need in the areas when they are struggling and they have been exposed to academic opportunities that are not possible in public schools.  My children are loved and nurtured as well as academically enriched at Ware.  The wonderful programs offered have helped to enhance their experience.  There is no substitute for a loving, nurturing environment and my children experience th every day at Ware Academy.” – Emilie Rowe

What would you tell other parents to encourage them to consider enrolling their children at Ware Academy?

“Education is the key to success.  We, as parents have the opportunity to provide that gift of education to our children.  Ware Academy offers that.  Ware is committed to success and is an educationally superior school.  Students who attend Ware are more academically challenged, exposed to clearer value systems, given greater access to teachers, and simply feel safe.  The teachers at Ware provide an unparallelled environment in which we begin a bright future for our children.  The loving environment, the organization, and the teacher instruction are what I believe to be the key success of Ware Academy. Don’t you want that for your children?” – Emilie Rowe

“The curriculum alone is enough to make any parent with a child in public school make the switch to Ware Academy. Children are often capable of much more than they are challenged with and the programs that Ware Academy puts in place dares the students to use their creativity and push past the normal expectations. The assignments are applicable to real-life situations which only better prepares them for upper level education in the future.” – current parent

“You may need to pinch a penny or two, but send your kids to Ware! It is worth every dime.”- Karla Havens

“Ware Academy has an inclusive, relevant, involved and purposeful approach to learning. It is claustrophobic and too pre-molded for ALL children to be able to fit perfectly into other schools and thus, to excel. Ware Academy instills passion and desire into its students. It is cool to be smart at Ware Academy.” -current parent


We just want everyone to know how blessed we are for Ware Academy! Our daughter has always had a great deal of anxiety. We do SO much at home to provide a calm, laid back and loving environment. At times we are still baffled at such a high level of separation anxiety with her, yet your teachers made this scary transition for her so much easier. The messages through the Remind app and the videos on Facebook of events make us feel closer to her throughout the day. All of the preschool four teachers were so wonderful to meet with us prior to school beginning to share information about our daughter and ease our minds. Tracy and I feel that this is our school from here on out! We are certain that she would not have gotten as much love, patience, understanding and support from another school setting. She was so tickled to be able to choose a song during music class, hold the flag and hold the door as classroom jobs. She loves art and we enjoy seeing those pictures.

She is fearful of getting in trouble when she is upset after leaving us in the morning. We have always assured her of the difference between being scared and being “bad”. Your teachers have continued this reassurance. Mrs. Ferraro and Mrs. Wood have gone above and beyond to make her feel comfortable, and Ms. Colley has been unbelievable! Our daughter has always been the type to find that “one person” and Ms. Colley is that person at Ware. She has been very attentive! Our daughter feels loved by all of her teachers! Tracy and I are grateful to have found Ware Academy! It is the perfect fit for our daughter!
-Jennifer and Tracy Hart

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