Ware Artwork Comes to Life




Ware Academy hosted representatives from Newport News Shipbuilding on May 16, 2018 arranged by Ware parent, Scott Dye, the General Foreman of Steel Fabrication at the Shipyard.  Members of the team shared how Integrated Digital Shipbuilding (IDS) has transformed their industry.  “It allows for enhanced performance and empowers the workforce by providing easier access to secure information through efforts that include 3-D work instructions, Augmented Reality, modeling and simulation, laser scanning and much more,” says Pierrette Swan, a Career Pathways Representative with Newport News Shipbuilding.

Ware students participated in an activity involving Augmented Reality.  Students created pictures of two dimensional objects which then were enhanced three dimensionally with interactive movement onto a digital screen.  Dawn Fleet, Academic Dean and Director of Enrollment and Marketing , noted, “This is the direction that Ware Academy’s  technology plan will continue to focus as the role of technology further progresses with regards to instruction and learning experiences.”   Ware Academy’s iPad Pilot Program has been a great success this year.  Ware will expand this program, as well as instituting a one to one device initiative throughout the school with resources from a local grant.

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