Ware Announces Exciting New Programs

Ware Academy is excited to announce new programs for the upcoming school year.   Students in kindergarten through eighth grade will be participating in a collaborative Global Competency Program. Global Competence is developed when students are given opportunities to investigate the world, recognize and weigh perspectives, take action and communicate ideas. This understanding of the interdependence of the world’s systems is needed in the 21st Century’s global classroom and workforce. “ We are eager to collaborate with students, their classes and teachers in  foreign countries to expand our already in depth Chesapeake Bay Watershed Program as it relates to the Global Water Crisis,” states Tom Thomas, Head of School. Ware Academy students and classes will be paired with students whose schools are similar in size across the globe.

Ware will also be instituting a completely redesigned Computer Curriculum and Technology Program to encompass more instruction in coding and programming as well continuing its integration of technology as a tool within the classroom. Students in grades kindergarten through second will be exposed to the everyday use of technology and gain the understanding of how it is used to make work easier. The students will be introduced to the creative process that inventors utilize to make a computerized device and be provided opportunities to develop this thinking process on their own. Beginning in third grade, students will gain understanding of how technology is used as a tool to improve productivity. The students will utilize these devices during word processing and other forms of the communication of ideas. The focus of advanced operating systems will include coding and basic programming in regards to robotics. In sixth grade, students will be introduced to advanced computer skills which include image editing and creation, animation and 3-Dimensional modeling. Arduino robotics will be incorporated into this program which allows students to build robots that utilize microprocessors. Advanced Robotics will be available as an elective. Students will build and program quadrupeds during this class.

Students in the three year old prekindergarten through kindergarten will be adopting the “Handwriting Without Tears” program which provides developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory instruction.  The development of good handwriting skills is essential to becoming a fluent writer. This program introduces pre-writing skills and the development of recognition and correct formation of letters through songs, movement and kinesthetic activities.  As students progress, these skills are incorporated into a more indepth handwriting program which allows for the fluency needed for the free flow of ideas in written language and an easier transition into the writing process.

Founded in 1949, Ware Academy is a non-profit, non-denominational, co-educational, independent day school for students three years of age through Eighth Grade.  The primary objectives are to educate the whole child to his or her fullest potential and for students to acquire a respect and a desire for learning in order to develop into independent, lifelong learners in preparation to lead fulfilled lives. The school embraces and appreciates that students possess individual learning styles.  The school promotes ethnic and racial diversity. Moralistic and ethical principles are fostered, encouraging students to develop integrity, empathy and compassion for all living things. Ware selects students on the basis of academic potential and developmental readiness without regard to race, color, creed, or ethnic origin.

Ware Academy continues to have rolling enrollment enabling students to enter at any time during the school year.  The school also offers Variable Tuition which is a need-based tuition assistance program. This program allows families to apply for a tuition rate that suits each family’s unique economic situation.   Please visit wareacademy.org or call Dawn Fleet, Director of Enrollment and Marketing and Academic Dean for more information.  

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