Ware Academy Opens Its Doors to Community Children

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IMG_6687 IMG_6689Ware Academy offered five STEM camps open to the community this summer.  Through the generous donations of time and resources from Ware families, community members and alumni, over 200 students were able to participate.  STEM activities are based on the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

The Paper Planes to Drones STEM Camps facilitated by Dr. Barbaro Perez and Anson Belvin kicked off the summer.  The aviation enthusiasts shared their hobby with students by creating activities that required collaboration and ingenuity.  Students designed paper airplanes for a competition and coded program to fly drones.

The Hunger Games STEM Camp led by Ware faculty, Dawn Fleet and Cami Glovier, included activities that centered on the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Colins.  Students rotated in groups to work collaboratively to solve given problems.  Most of the tasks involved students designing and making bow and arrows, parachutes, bucket towers and catapults.  Teams were recognized for cooperation and awarded points earned during the day’s activities, as well as the scavenger hunt.

Carla Stanley, a recently retired Gloucester County music teacher and Tammie Spivey, a Ware parent and science teacher for Gloucester County Public Schools, with the help of Eden Blaylock, Ware Academy’s music teacher, facilitated the Science is Art: Musical STEM Camp.  Participants were asked to design a simple or complex machine that would make noise.  Children worked collaboratively or individually to blueprint and build their instruments.  Volunteers helped the students build the actual “instrument” by drilling holes, cutting wood and using power tools.  Students received awards according to specific criteria which were voted upon by all participants.

Ware parents, Rebecca White, Nick Bonniville and Fran Bonniville along with Gloucester’s EMS Chief, Joe Lenderman designed a Health STEM Camp where children were introduced to the care and reasoning skills needed during a simulated natural disaster.  The stage was set during a tornado.  A select group of students were given specific roles and injuries that needed to be cared for by the others. Using every day materials, participants were required to design a splint, stretcher and perform basic CPR while identifying the signs of trauma and evaluating patients to determine who would be the first priority for medical transport.

Van McComas with the help of his wife Gwen McComas, Ware grandparents, shared his love of astronomy during A Day with the Stars:  Astronomy Camp.  Students explored the scientific processes used by astronomers through experiential learning and fun activities.  Students build their own telescopes, and used scientific principles to determine how high some of the NASA spacecrafts are in relation to the Earth’s surface, as well as how far the moon is from the Earth.  Each child was given special glasses so that he or she could view the eclipse later in the month.

Ware  Academy would like to express sincere appreciation to all of the other volunteers that helped make these camps available free of charge to Lancaster, Mathews, Middlesex,  Gloucester and York county children:  Members of the 2018 graduating class for the Rappahannock Community College Associated Degree of Nursing Program and Shannon Dishman; Ware parents, JD Powell and Dr. Crissey Hendricks; Ware students, Josh Ward and Brenna Hendrix; and Ware alumni, Quinn Glovier ’15, Henry Singleton ’15, Charlie Revere ’15, William Revere ’16 and Katiana Perez ’16.

Ware Academy is offering the Viewing of a Natural Phenomenon…The Solar Eclipse from 1:00-4:00 PM on August 21.  Special glasses will be provided at the event to protect one’s eyes from the intense visible light.  Visit the following link to sign-up for the event.  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080E4DAFA82CABFB6-viewing, visit wareacademy.org or call the school for details.

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