For sixty seven years Ware Academy has operated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit independent school. The school does not receive funding from federal, state or local governments. Therefore, Ware depends upon the following sources to meet its annual budgetary needs:

  • Tuition Income
  • The Ware Academy Fund
  • Fundraisers
  • Grants


Ware Academy, like almost every single independent school, does not charge the full cost of tuition to educate each student. The reason for this is that large increases in tuition would prohibit a Ware Academy education for many families. So, we augment our tuition income with the Ware Academy Fund and fundraisers like our Fall Auction, Spring Golf Tournament and the 50/50 Case Raffle.



Q: What does a donation to the Ware Academy Fund provide?

A: A donation to the Ware Academy fund does the following things:

  • Supports the needs of the Academic, Arts and Athletic Programs of the school.
  • Supports student activities like field trips and out-of-class learning opportunities.
  • Supports updates and upgrades with technology throughout the school (STEM and IT).
  • Supports Faculty Professional Development.
  • Helps the school balance its yearly budget.


Q: Are there other benefits to making a donation to the Ware Academy Fund?

A: Yes, unlike your tuition, contributions to the Ware Academy Fund are fully tax-deductible and allow each individual to give at a meaningful level to which he or she are able. Lastly, each donation is one’s physical representation of his or her love and support for Ware Academy.