Dome Theater Comes to Ware


The Dome Theater comes to Ware on October 2, 2017.
The following showings are open to the public.

3:30-4:15: The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket (appropriate for grades K-2)

4:30-5:00: Time Space (appropriate for grades 2-5)

5:15-5:45: The Dinosaur Prophecy (appropriate for grades 2-8)

The Dome Theater is much more than a Portable HD Planetarium! Developed by Rice University & the Houston Museum of Natural Science & with the support of NASA, the Dome Theater is 16 ft. x 16 ft. wide & reaches 10 ft. tall & it can hold 35-55 individuals depending on age! Traveling all over the nation, this interactive giant features highly innovative, Educational, Entertainment, & unlimited On-demand programs! When you enter the this unique theater, you’ll be surrounded with stunning visuals & out-of-this-world knowledge! The Dome features award winning narrators like Tom Hanks, Sigourney Weaver, Ed Helms, Harrison Ford, & Walter Cronkite.

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