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Athletics are an integral part of Ware Academy, and as an educational institution we discourage a “win at all cost” approach to competition. We value the honorable pursuit of victory.  Ware Academy strives to win games and championships but never at the expense of the school’s mission and philosophy.

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Community Service:

Pursuant to the mission and philosophy of the school, all students are taught the importance of giving back to one’s community through various activities. Students join together to support the following:

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Field Trips:

In addition to classroom learning experiences, students take a variety of age-appropriate field trips to expand on the subject material learned. At the Middle School level, students have the opportunity to participate in over-night trips. These three-seven day trips provide academic, team-building and developmental growth opportunities.

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Surf Shop:

The Surf Shop is the Ware Academy school store. The store is run and operated by the 5th Grade and our WAPA (Ware Academy Parents Association). The 5th Graders sell snacks at the Surf Shop daily during break time and lunch time.

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Lunch Program:

The Athletic Department at Ware Academy offers an optional, daily lunch program for a fee throughout the school year. Students may choose to purchase lunch by the trimester.

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 School Spirit:

School Spirit is an integral component of life at Ware Academy. This is best exemplified by our school-wide Blue/Green competition that runs throughout the school year. Upon enrolling at Ware Academy, every student is assigned to either the Blue or the Green team where they will remain throughout their years at Ware.

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