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The admission process at Ware Academy is designed to inform prospective families and students about the school.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis; however, families are encouraged to apply by March 1st, for the upcoming school year. Class sizes are limited in an effort to maintain an ideal student/faculty ratio. Admission to Ware Academy is based on the candidate’s academic level, aptitude and developmental readiness. The admission process typically includes the following steps:

1. Inquiry: Inquiries via website, telephone, e-mail or letter are welcome.

2. Parent visit: Parents are encouraged to schedule a visit with the Director of Enrollment. The visit includes a tour of the school and an overview of the programs at Ware Academy. 

3. Families are responsible for the following:

4. Student visit: All applicants for grades K-8 are required to visit the school and spend a day in the grade in which they are currently enrolled. During the visit, the suitability of the program for each applicant will be ascertained through an in-class math, writing and reading comprehensive assessment which will help determine appropriate educational placement. Applicants should be prepared to participate in class activities from an academic and social standpoint.

5. Admission Decision and Notification: Admission decisions are made by the Head of School, Director of Enrollment and the Admission Committee and are based on all supporting documentation, the student visit and the number of openings available.


Every effort is made to ensure that Ware Academy and the student are well matched and that the applicant will have a successful experience at Ware Academy. 


Notification of the status for admission is typically communicated within one week of the completion of all admission requirements.

Once an applicant is accepted to the school, the following happens and is required:

  • Parents are offered an enrollment agreement.
  • In order to reserve a space, parents must remit the agreement and deposit within two weeks of the acceptance date. This deposit will be applied towards the total tuition fee.

Admission Process    

For additional information, contact Mrs. Dawn Fleet, Director of Enrollment, at (804) 693-3825 or