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The Primary Division is comprised of students from 3-year old Pre-Kindergarten through Second Grade. Its mission is to provide the foundation of the essential building blocks while teaching the “whole child” and instilling a love of learning. The skills taught in this division take into consideration the developmental readiness of the child.


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Core Curriculum:


Mathematical concepts are taught using the Singapore Math philosophy. The Framework is to develop problem solving skills and mathematical thinking concepts are taught and reinforced in small group activities.


Language Arts:

The Language Arts program builds upon the natural language sequence using high frequency words and word patterns in their reading and writing. Students are introduced to different genre which is analyzed through competitive activities.


Social Studies/Science:

Social Studies and Science are integrated in the Language Arts and Math curriculum through thematic units introducing students to the world around them while nurturing their natural curiosity.


Foreign Language:

Primary students are introduced to vocabulary and basic conversation in Spanish. The program exposes students to Spanish cultures.



Students are exposed to basic technology skills in computer class which are integrated into daily activities.


Fine and Performing Arts:

Students develop their love for the arts through music, art and dance which is integrated into thematic units.


Physical Development:

The development of fine and gross motor skills is encouraged through daily Physical Education class and daily recess and free play time.