The Middle School is comprised of Grades Six through Eight wherein students are provided an environment that addresses the development needs unique to early adolescence. The Middle School Faculty empowers each student to find their own voice and passion. Buzzwords like confidence, leadership, accountability, responsibility, character and independence are pillars of the Middle School experience.


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Language Arts:

Middle School Language Arts will target areas such as grammar, vocabulary, writing composition and novel-based literature. Goals from this department are to have students capable of: deductive reasoning, understanding inference, being able to think critically, comprehend materials read and being able to utilize writing and composition skills which will be used across other academic disciplines.



The Middle School Math program offers classes that range in difficulty and acceleration from general math to geometry. The math students are grouped homogeneously to ensure optimum results. Students who complete the Algebra I series and Geometry are eligible to receive high school credits toward graduation.



The Science program offers studies in Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science. Throughout the science curriculum there is a focus on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and the utilization of the many natural resources that are available in our local area. Experimentation in and out the laboratory will engage students in a very hands-on approach.


Social Studies:

Students in Social Studies will take an in-depth look at World Geography, World History and American History. Throughout the courses there will be emphasis placed on critical thinking skills so as to compare our nation and government to others throughout the world.


Foreign Language:

Middle School Foreign Language will consist of the study of Spanish and Pre-Latin. In Spanish, students will work toward improving their language skills to the point of being able to communicate proficiently in addition to the study of respective cultures associated with the language. Pre-Latin’s goal is to expose students to etymology and to reinforce other language skills.



Computer Technology is a scheduled Middle School course and is integrated throughout the curriculum as well. Research and media projects are produced using the computer lab and library. Teachers of other disciplines work with the Computer Instructor by sharing current class topics for collaborative opportunities.

Fine and Performing Arts:

Middle School students are exposed to a variety of Fine and Performing Arts. Classes range from Art, Music, Dance and Instrumentation. Additionally, our students are regularly rewarded with an on-campus Performing Arts series that includes a variety of performances from artists throughout the country. Lastly, having an artist-in-residence has become a regular occurrence with this discipline.

Physical Education and Athletics:

Daily classes in Physical Education that emphasizes physical exercise, healthy living, nutrition and physical fitness supplement a robust athletic program which offers team sports in Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, Cross Country, Basketball and Lacrosse.