Primary School

The Primary School Program provides the essential building blocks required for academic success in later years. Additionally, it ensures substantive gains towards intellectual, social and emotional development. The Primary School facilitates high quality instruction through varied and creative teaching methods and coordinates with the higher grades to facilitate a whole child learning experience.

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Lower School

The Lower School is comprised of third, fourth, and fifth grades and its mission is to enable students to experience academic success in a nurturing environment. Teachers facilitate critical thinking skills and empower students to solve problems creatively. Organization and study skills are emphasized. In grades three through five, teachers challenge students with developmentally appropriate learning experiences that build upon previously learned academic skills and concepts.

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Middle School

Grades six through eight comprise the Middle School Division providing an environment that addresses the developmental needs unique to early adolescence. Its faculty is dedicated to empowering each student to ensure confidence through the development of leadership skills, accountability, responsibility, competence and independence with a rigorous curriculum and inspired instruction.

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Character Education

The Character Education Program uses positive reinforcement to teach students lifelong character lessons regarding values and morals which are integrated into the school’s curriculum. Each month, students focus on a particular character trait. Stories, role-plying and writing activities expand the students’ understanding of that month’s trait. At the first school assembly of each month, one child per class is selected by his or her teacher to be recognized for his or her ability to demonstrate the character trait of the month. Students who have received these distinctions have their photo and award displayed in the hallway.

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 Co-Curricular Offerings

Ware Academy offers a range of co-curricular activities. Programs such as Art, Music, Dance, P.E., Library, Computer and Foreign Language all complement Ware’s academic curriculum.

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 Beyond Ware

Ware Academy graduates embrace self-confidence, have developed a sense of self, and possess the courage to inquire and confront challenges.  Our graduates have gone on to dozens of secondary schools and colleges throughout the region and the country.

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