Music with Mrs. Obie

Welcome to Music with Mrs. Tucker-Oberlin or Mrs. Obie for short.

Here you will find information about the music program here at Ware Academy.


Meet the Teacher: Crystal Tucker-Oberlin

My passion for music began at an early age.  I studied vocal music throughout my school career and went on to receive my Bachelors degree in vocal music education from Longwood University. My family consists of my husband, Sam and my two daughters, Nadia and Jenaye.  We live in Gloucester and spend a lot of our time at our church, LightHouse. When I am not at Ware, I am teaching voice lessons, volunteering at my daughters’ school, or relaxing.

In music class at Ware we will focus on reading music, rhythmic dictation (clapping rhythms), composing and performing music both instrumentally and vocally. At the conclusion of the entire academic year, the students will have learned the following core standards of music education at their appropriate grade level.

The students will:

Sing by themselves and with others

perform on instruments by themselves and with others

improvise melodies, variations and accompaniments

compose and arrange music within certain guidelines

read and notate music

listen to analyze and describe music using music vocabulary

evaluate music and music performances

understand relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside of the arts

describe how music relates to other areas of life

While in music class students are expected to

M-Make good choices

U-Use kind words

S-Show Respect

I-Involve yourself

C-Complete your work

Classes are broken up into certain segments: the warm up, review, new concept and wrap up.During transitions we usually take a brain break by singing and dancing a long to a song from Go Noodle is a free internet service that helps promote healthy study habits by keeping kids moving so they stay refreshed and ready to learn. These little short academic breaks are also sometimes used as part of the music lesson as I deem appropriate. You may set up an account for your child so they may do some of the songs and workouts for fun in their spare time.  I also use YouTube to play songs to introduce lessons and to help accompany the students voices or instrumental playing

Students are graded on a pass/fail basis so participation is essential in achieving a passing grade.  Performance attendance is a must. There are two performances during the school year , December 14, 2018 and April 26, 2019.  We may also elect to sing in different places throughout the community. In this case, students who are chosen will perform.  If chosen, students are expected to attend.