Seventh Grade Homeroom &

5th – 8th Grade Social Studies

Tracy Pausic

Ma Ganga



News and Dates to Remember:


December 8 Saturday Santa Breakfast 10:00 am
December 14 Friday Holiday Program NOON DISMISSAL
December 17 – December 28 Monday – Friday Winter Vacation SCHOOL CLOSED




Upper School Social Studies:


5th Grade –


6th Grade – 


7th Grade – 


8th Grade – 


  **Assignments and dates are subject to change; they are merely a guideline

         ***Mrs. Pausic’s SNOW policy***

If we are “out of school” for SNOW on the day before a test, the test will be given on the day AFTER we return. The 1st day of return will be for review; the 2nd day will be for testing. (This does not apply to delayed openings, early dismissals, or the “threat” of snow. 🙂



2017-2018 Syllabi

5th Grade Social Studies Syllabus 

6th Grade Social Studies Syllabus

7th Grade Social Studies Syllabus

8th Grade Social Studies Syllabus


2018-2019 Social Studies Curriculum

5th – 8th SS Curriculum Revised (website edition)



Google for 8th Grade Capstone

Capstone 2017 Creating Your Google Site


 Prezi examples:


Voicethread –


Green and Blue Acres – Gardening websites vegetable-garden-websites


Google Classroom Info and Screencasts:

How to join a Google Classroom –



Websites and links!

Safe Search Site for Students – Research and Pictures

Social Studies:

Digital Storytelling –


For my Hurricane Hunters! 

Latitude and Longitude – Hurricane Matthew Storm Tracking

Create your own Hurricane (NOAA) – Create-a-Cane


8th Grade

Timeline Info – timeline stuff

Ms. Honegger’s Website


More 1920’s websites: 1920’s Websites – Lots more to choose from 🙂

Mapping practice and games: Europe – Map Game, Geography online games

                                           Europe Map Quiz

                                           Europe Map Puzzle – Countries and Capitals

                                           Europe Quiz Games : Europe Map & European Countries – Multiple choice

WWII – world_war2

           victory mail

WWII Atomic Bomb

Sadako’s story – Japanese point of view Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

COLD WAR – Ducksters

COLD WAR – Mr. Donn’s






7th Grade

Civics –

Jamestown Websites:


Ch. 12 Foreign Affairs in a Young Nation –


Five Civilized Tribes :

Cherokee –

Chickasaw –

Choctaw –

Muscogee –

Seminoles –

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson, Trail of Tears, and Indian Removal Clip

Constitution Websites  – constitution websites (live binder can be found here)

Creating a Constitution Quizlet review

Bill of Rights – 3 minute guide

Bill of Rights – Disney version

Bill of Rights – Kid version


13 Colonies websites: 13 colonies

Facts about the 13 Colonies

The Thirteen American Colonies

13 Colonies

American Revolution (and people!): American Revolution and Famous

Videos –

6th Grade 

6th grade exam project websites


Castles – Castle games

Ottoman Empire – Fall of Constantinople

Conquest of Constantinople – Britannica

Fall of Constantinople –

Russia – Russia websites

Africa – Africa – Explore the Regions 


Renaissance and Reformation video

Industrial Revolution – Industrial Revolution Overview Video

Websites for all groups



AFL American Federation of Labor

Industrial Revolution Website Guide

History Learning Site- Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution info

Inventors of the Industrial Revolution

Jethro Tull

Agricultural Revolution Jethro Tull

Child Labor

French Revolution –

African Countries Research – 6th Grade African Countries Research

5th Grade

The art of keeping a travel journal

Archaeology –

Annie’s Archaeology Laboratory

Mr. Donn’s Archaeology sites

Digging Through Layers of Time

Blombos Cave


Border Cave

Plate Tectonics – Alfred Wegener



National Geographic for Kids


India – atozkidsstuff


China Quest activity –

CHINA – China Wall and Warriors



Egypt Research – ancient-egypt-project – click “for kids” – has Egypt and other ancient civilizations

Country Report Research –

Holiday sites-

Holidays Around the World theworld.htm


Language Arts:

Analogy Website with lots of practice links and games!

Vocabulary website: (has an auditory download available)




The “Cell Song” –

Cell Rap –

Go to Cells Alive

  for more cell info!!!!!

STEM: Scroll to the section “STEM fun for Middle School Kids” on this website –

Rollar Coaster sites:





Middle School Rain Garden

Rain Garden

Infiltration Rain Garden

How to Build a Rain Garden

Create a Rain Garden in 15 Steps

Rain Garden Project

Why a Rain Garden?


Online dictionaries


Practicing skills sites – games for many subjects; for each correct answer, they donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Program to help end hunger

Congratulations to the Class of 2016! Good luck in your new endeavors! 



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