From Ware Academy:

  • Take Route 17 North to I-95 North (you will only be on I-95N for a short period)
  • Take Exit 133 toward Warrenton to get back onto Route 17 North
  • Drive approximately 28 miles
  • Turn right onto Route 17 North/Route 15 North/Route 29 North (This will be at a light; a Sheetz station is on the left and corresponding route signs are on the right.  This road is a bypass to all three US routes above.)
  • Go about 4/5 of a mile to the next light
  • Turn left onto Business Route 17 North/Route15 North (just past the small brown Lord Fairfax Community College signs
  • Pass WalMart on the left; go through a few lights until you see McDonald’s on the right
  • Turn left at the next light (after McDonalds) onto 17 north – Broadview Avenue (there will be an Exxon station on the left at this light)
  • Go approximately 1 mile; Highland School is on the right